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Describe Tropers group here.
OK, but it will contain lots and lots of spoilers, in-jokes and potholes!
Tropers group is here to spread the power of TV Tropes to the realm of llamas and deviants. We connect our two worlds with just one rule - the Rule of Cool. We search for tropes in our art and we draw Trope-tan the TV Tropes mascot, we illustrate our favorite tropes and draw our Troper Tales or things that bug us.
Aside from that, we are just a cozy place for all tropers here on dA. Make yourself at home and feel free to speak Tropey! This part of intertubes will understand you.
Our gallery doesn't have over nine thousand deviations, but you can't find enough evidence that yes, TV Trope Will Ruin Your Life - but it will do it in a very inspirative sort of way!

For the newcomers:
* Have a look at our gallery system and rules
* Add yourself to the nicknames conversion chart

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"Charlotte Marie Colde in Samurai Shodown actually has the same bust size as the infamously buxom Mai Shiranui; however she wears armor that hides that so you wouldn't know it. (Which makes Charlotte a surprising rare straight example of this trope in a Fighting Game.)"

"King played this trope straight in Art of Fighting where she passed herself off as a man. If she is defeated with a special attack, though, her breasts spill out of her suit."

"In Final Fantasy VII, Aeris is actually bigger than Tifa in this area, if you compare their models. Her modest dress and jacket, compared to Tifa's tight tank top, go a long way towards hiding this. This might, however be an artifact of the simplistic models. Higher resolution depictions and official art more or less corroborate this. Tifa's a little bigger, but Aerith is by no means small.
•In Final Fantasy V, Faris is actually a woman who pretends to be a man since it'd be a rather bad idea to be the sole woman on a pirate ship. A passing comment by Galuf states that she's actually very buxom and simply hides it under heavy clothing."

"Cynthia of Malcolm in the Middle does this after hitting puberty and having a growth spurt in more ways than one, to avoid getting teased by her classmates. She wears a very heavy jumper. Malcolm, of course, finds out after Cynthia sets said jumper on fire by accident during an argument and has to get it off in a hurry. When Reese finds out, he tricks her into being his girlfriend, until Malcolm asks him if Reese knows what her name is in front of her. Realizing he's been caught, he goes for broke and gives them a squeeze, which results in him getting the living crap kicked out of him."

"Done in-universe by Mulan to hide her true gender because women were not allowed in ancient China's military. She gets found out only after already proving her worth, which becomes a plot point later due to the earned trust of her comrades."

From Mary Skelter:

This is what Akazukin looks like in her signature outfit.
But these other images have something else to say:

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