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Describe Tropers group here.
OK, but it will contain lots and lots of spoilers, in-jokes and potholes!
Tropers group is here to spread the power of TV Tropes to the realm of llamas and deviants. We connect our two worlds with just one rule - the Rule of Cool. We search for tropes in our art and we draw Trope-tan the TV Tropes mascot, we illustrate our favorite tropes and draw our Troper Tales or things that bug us.
Aside from that, we are just a cozy place for all tropers here on dA. Make yourself at home and feel free to speak Tropey! This part of intertubes will understand you.
Our gallery doesn't have over nine thousand deviations, but you can't find enough evidence that yes, TV Trope Will Ruin Your Life - but it will do it in a very inspirative sort of way!

For the newcomers:
* Have a look at our gallery system and rules
* Add yourself to the nicknames conversion chart

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A few examples on the page:

Don't ask for Super Mario Brothers 4, it exists as Super Mario World which was known in Japan as Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4.

Don't Call Link "Zelda"

Don't call the Wumpa Fruits from Crash "Apples" or "Peaches".

Examples that aren't on the page but should:
Do not suggest a non-Disney or non-Square Enix Character to appear in  the Kingdom Hearts series, even ones that are licensed for distribution(with the exception of ones between the two companies), YOUR HEART WILL BE RIPPED OUT!!!!!

Don't say anything positive about Nick Spencer's run on Captain America, think about the unfortunate implications.

Never say anything good about Aria or her family from Akame Ga Kill!

Do not call Link a girl, fans will slash you to pieces for it.

Calling any anime or manga kid stuff is a serious crime, some have content that warrants them higher age ratings.

Kingdom Hearts 3D isn't Kingdom Hearts III, get your facts straight.

Strider isn't the name of a character in Capcom & Moto Kikaku's Strider franchise, it's the name of the hero's profession, the hero is called Hiryu, if Strider was his name, he would've had an S instead of the kanji for Hi(飛).
You may not want to say Mariya is the sister of some one other than Hiryu, it's really a translation error(Hiryu still calls her his sister when he defeats a brainwashed Cain in the NES Game).
The Main Computer for the ZAIN Project isn't Yugdesiral, it's Yggdrasil.
It's not Kain, it's Cain, the letter on his uniform is a C not a K.
The name of the First Main Boss from the first Arcade Game isn't Urobolos, it's Ouroboros.
The name of the Flying Battleship from the Arcade Games is not Ballog, it's Balrog.
Do not call the Asian Letters that restore your health or increase it Chinese, they are really kanji that form Hiryu's name in Japanese.
Do not call the Grandmaster "Lord Eurasia", he was saying "He will never leave Eurasia alive.", his name is Meio.
Do not call Captain Beard Jr. "Captain Hook".
The Red Kuniang Sister isn't named Nam Pooh, SHE'S NAMED BEI POOH!!!  Nam Pooh is the name of the White Pooh Sister.
Herzog Schlange doesn't refer to the mechanical hydra at the end of Strider 2's second stage, it refers to the man riding on a flying platform, also Herzog Schlange is German for Duke Snake, and Duke is a ruling title, the mechanical hydra is actually called the Aluminum Hydra, furthermore, the life bar doesn't deplete if you attack the hydra.
Do not mention Strider Returns/Strider II(U. Gold) or Hinjo for that matter.
Do not confuse the franchise with Beverly Cleary's Book, Aragorn's alias, or Dave.
Do not call Matic the "Director of the Striders", his Title is Vice Director for crying out loud, the Director Title belongs to Kuramoto.
Do not call the Horseman you encounter in Strider 2 "Metall Hengst", it's the name of the Robot Horse he's riding on.
Cain is not a C-Rank Strider, he's a Super A-Rank Strider, the C is his initial.

Do not call Renegade/Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun a Double Dragon rip-off, Renegade was out in 1986 and Double Dragon was out in 1987, they were also made by the same people.

Do not call Kira a bad pilot.
Do not fight over who should be the protagonist of Gundam Seed Destiny, it will go downhill for you.

Mario's 180 sideways somersault move's first appearance wasn't in Super Mario 64, it was Donkey Kong for the Game Boy.

Do not call Harvest Moon a FarmVille rip-off or a Farm Town rip-off, you will be buried up to the neck.

It won't be a lucky seven if you call Final Fantasy VII the first game in its series, there really was a I.

Dr. Robotnik wasn't Dr. Eggman's original name, it was a localization change.

Amy Rose didn't debut in Sonic Adventure, she debuted in Sonic CD and before that, an obscure manga.
Fully-voiced dialogue didn't originate in Sonic Adventure either, it originated in SegaSonic the Hedgehog.

Team Chaotix never debuted in Sonic Heroes, they debuted in Knuckles Chaotix

Do not call any of(If not all) Sonic's friends S:::ty or you will face the wrath of their fans.
Likewise, don't list Sonic 2(Even knowing that it was a holiday rush) as one of the
 worst games or you will have your head screwed up.

Never call Blaze the Cat a Mary Sue, see this link why:…

Jake Hunter Detective Story isn't an Ace Attorney rip-off, "it's actually a localization of the latest installment of an older detective game series known as Detective Saburo Jinguji." according to TV Tropes.

Call Final Fantasy Adventure a Link's Awakening rip-off and it really will be your final fantasy.

Do not call Bullet Hell Shooters Touhou rip-offs, the genre began in 1992 with Recca or possibly with 1985 with Gradius, both being long before the Touhou Games started.

Calling Tactics Ogre a Final Fantasy Tactics rip-off will prompt fans to beat you to death with a club.

Do not accuse Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures of being a Kirby rip-off, his powers really come from berries, not enemies.
Also this was never the first time Pac-Man had sclera.

Do not call the Skull Kid from Majora's Mask Majora.
Do not say the events of that game were a dream.

Do not scoff at the idea of Pokemon based on inanimate objects, they've existed since the first generation.

Do not call Phantasy Star "Fantasy Star".
The wizard who fills in the party's last slot in the first Phantasy Star Game is not Noah, it's Lutz(This can be verified in PSIV), also don't call him a woman(That was a mistake in the first game).

Do not interpret Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph  as secretly evil, she's not, those who use that one, or wish she was deleted for good for that matter, will be on the receiving end of an armor-piercing slap for supporting slander.
Being convinced Felix, also from Wreck-it Ralph, is a jerk will get you slapped too.
Do not paint Dr. Brad Scott as an apathetic ex, even if he's just a programmed memory, you're just speaking ill of the dead, although you can get away with laughing at him being eaten by a Cybug.
Do not subject Rancis Fluggerbutter to that either, you'll be spanked on the butt.
Be careful what you say about Turbo, defending him over Vanellope will have you glitch-infected for supporting child abuse.

Do not call turtles amphibians, they're reptiles.
Do not call Cement Man or the Boxing Robots in Turtles in Time Reshelled original characters for the game, the Boxing Robots were in the actual Arcade Game, while Cement Man was in the First Cartoon.

Thinking a good remake is really just an homage will not sit well.

Do not call Pseudo-Palutena from Kid Icarus Uprising the real one, it's outright stated in the idol description, also pseudo can mean false in Greek.
Do not call the Magnus & Gaol you've fought prior copies, if Gaol was a copy, you wouldn't have heard her real voice, also do not claim they were dead all along.

Gryzor wasn't the Japanese name for the original Contra, it was the European Title.

Do not say all patches ruin things, you'll be gagged with bandages.

Do not get angry at the item system in Ocarina of Time 3D being made more user-friendly than the original Ocarina of Time, loud music will be blown into your ears.

Do not call Metroid: Zero Mission a prequel, it's really a remake, if you do, you'll be blasted to pieces.

Do not mention Garzey's Wing near Aura Battler Dunbine fans or be prepared to have your blood boil to the extent that it hurts.

No talking about the unartistic Art of Fighting OVA.

Never speak of Malibu Comics' maligned Street Fighter Comic.

Don't talk of the OVA adaptation of Eien No Aselia.

Never speak of Genma Wars, Harmageddon(&/or Genma Taisen) fans will fire warheads at you.

Do not speak of the anime adaptation of Koi Koi Seven, a falling mech will crush you to death.

Do not mention Ninja Resurrection, especially around Ninja Scroll fans.

Do not mention the Pilot Candidate / Candidate For Goddess Anime near fans of the Manga.

Remain silent about the Togainu no Chi anime.

Do not mention the Kiss Players manga near Transformers fans, it's repulsive.

Fans won't like it if you mention The Neverending Story III or its events.

Do not mention SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2  near fans of the original Baby Geniuses.

It's forbidden to talk about the 2002 remake of Swept Away near fans of the original.

Talking about  Highlander II: The Quickening is forbidden, mentioning Highlander The Source is also bad.

Fans would feed you to the sharks if you mention Jaws: The Revenge.

You'll get mowed if you mention Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

Mention The American remake of LOL and you'll get a poisoned kiss from a French Person the opposite gender your own.

No talking about the American remake of One Missed Call.

Do not mention the Adventures of Pluto Nash near Eddie Murphy fans.

Do not speak of American Ninja V/American Dragons,  American Ninja fans would be put on the edge.

Don't talk about Attack Force near Steven Seagal fans.

Fans will develop a violent instinct if you mention Basic Instinct 2.

Never tell anyone about Daddy Day Camp, Daddy Day Care fans will get angry.

Talk about Gamera Super Monster and Gamera fans would send a giant monster after you.

Do not talk about Uwe Boll's Video Game Movies.

Mentioning the Animated Adaptation of The King And I is the bane of any fan's existence, same can be said for historians.

You'll be targeted by homing ammo if you mention Home Alone 4.

You'll be degenerated if you mention the Generation X TV Movie.

Mention National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure and you'll get coal for Christmas.

Do not mention Canada's Got Talent near "________'s Got Talent" fans.

Do not mention The Reel-To-Reel Picture Show near Paxers.

Do not mention Battlestar Galactica 1980 near Battlestar Galactica fans, your body would be aged up by 1980 years :X

Do not mention Osbournes: Reloaded near fans of The Osbournes, they'll unload on you.

Mentioning Nick Studio 10 equals doom.

Do not mention the Club Mario Show near fans of Mario(Yes the Nintendo Mario), you'll be clubbed to death.

Never talk about Turbocharged Thunderbirds or you'll be turbocharged into the sky.

Do not mention Blood: The Last Vampire: Night of the Beasts near fans of the anime film Blood: The Last Vampire.

No talking about Crossroads of Twilight near Wheel of Time fans.

Do not speak of Dragon Ball Z: An Unauthorized Guide.

Be silent about Friday the 13th: Hell Lake.

You'll be massacred if you mention Mass Effect: Deception.

Do not mention the Dr. Who Story "The Pit"

Do not mention Kis Vuk/A Fox's Tale near Vuk fans.
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