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Describe Tropers group here.
OK, but it will contain lots and lots of spoilers, in-jokes and potholes!
Tropers group is here to spread the power of TV Tropes to the realm of llamas and deviants. We connect our two worlds with just one rule - the Rule of Cool. We search for tropes in our art and we draw Trope-tan the TV Tropes mascot, we illustrate our favorite tropes and draw our Troper Tales or things that bug us.
Aside from that, we are just a cozy place for all tropers here on dA. Make yourself at home and feel free to speak Tropey! This part of intertubes will understand you.
Our gallery doesn't have over nine thousand deviations, but you can't find enough evidence that yes, TV Trope Will Ruin Your Life - but it will do it in a very inspirative sort of way!

For the newcomers:
* Have a look at our gallery system and rules
* Add yourself to the nicknames conversion chart

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From Syura's entry on this page:…
"he loses to Wave in a fist fight, gets criticized by his dad for it, then he loses several members of his unit, gets criticized by his dad for it, despite catching two members of Night Raid, Esdeath humiliates him by proving that he was responsible for an incident that endangered the empire and getting what remained of Wild Hunt disbanded, gets criticized by his dad for it, and finally gets killed by Lubbock when he pretends to have been broken by his torture. The fans enjoyed those few chapters immensely.
And to top it all off, after Honest (the father he worked so hard to please) hears about the death of his son, he proceeds to weep for him... for one whole page. He gets over it in seconds, pretty much stating that he'll "make another son from scratch." Even after death the humiliation continues."

From here too:…
"Most of the villains in the original Batman franchise met pretty ignominious ends, but Max Shreck in Batman Returns probably got it the worst of all; his Conga began when the movie wasn't even close to being over! First, his hand-picked mayoral candidate, Oswald Copplepot (a.k.a. The Penguin) is exposed as a fraud via Engineered Public Confession and pelted with ripe vegetables by a vengeful crowd—a fate Max himself just barely avoids thanks to getting the hell out of there. Penguin, burning with resentment, crashes Max's Christmas Eve gala and threatens to drag his son Chip down into the sewers as part of his plan to kill all the first-born sons of Gotham as revenge for his abandonment by his own parents; Max is forced to beg for his son's life — in front of all the most influential citizens of Gotham City, no less! So Penguin takes Max hostage and locks him in a giant birdcage in his hideout, telling him that after he makes Shreck watch as the kids Penguin's kidnapped are thrown into a deep puddle of his company's industrial byproducts. Max manages to escape by stealing the key to the cage from a monkey (don't ask), but then Catwoman note  shows up, and things get really bad for the crooked businessman: she snags his leg with her bullwhip, drags him under a lake of icy cold water (messing up his perfectly coiffed hair), hauls him out by his collar, throws him into a wall, lassos him again when he tries to run away, and finally threatens to slowly bleed him to death as he (futilely) pleads for mercy. Things finally start to look up for Max when Batman intervenes to stop Catwoman, but when Max tries to thank him Batman just stiff-arms him in the face and tells him he's going to jail. Max tries to escape after shooting Batman, but Catwoman (after taking the remaining four bullets of Shreck's gun and surviving) pins him against an exposed fuse box and rams her stun gun down his throat—sending millions of volts through his body and roasting him to death, reducing his to a blackened, steaming, eternally screaming mummy lying on the ground. It's a pretty harsh end, even for a Manipulative Bastard."

Now for an unlisted example,: Julio Asuka Misurugi, the evil prince racist towards Norma, from Cross Ange.
‣Where to start: The sole male hero of the show, Tusk(say what you like), blinding him and everyone else present at his(Julio's) Norma Sister Ange's execution, Tusk snatching back the ring from him, Tusk halting Ange's execution, Ange throwing a shuriken at Julio's face, giving him a scar, later, the Rosenblum King tells him to shut up, a bit later at the Norma Massacre in Arzenal, he was shot in the leg by Ange, and finally he and his fleet were all wiped out by Embryo.
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