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Describe Tropers group here.
OK, but it will contain lots and lots of spoilers, in-jokes and potholes!
Tropers group is here to spread the power of TV Tropes to the realm of llamas and deviants. We connect our two worlds with just one rule - the Rule of Cool. We search for tropes in our art and we draw Trope-tan the TV Tropes mascot, we illustrate our favorite tropes and draw our Troper Tales or things that bug us.
Aside from that, we are just a cozy place for all tropers here on dA. Make yourself at home and feel free to speak Tropey! This part of intertubes will understand you.
Our gallery doesn't have over nine thousand deviations, but you can't find enough evidence that yes, TV Trope Will Ruin Your Life - but it will do it in a very inspirative sort of way!

For the newcomers:
* Have a look at our gallery system and rules
* Add yourself to the nicknames conversion chart

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Lulu x Noctis Leg Cling by vitaminanime Lulu x Noctis Leg Cling :iconvitaminanime:vitaminanime 8 29
Remember the Time...
"I ever tell you about the time I visited a prison and met this intern who kept leaving the cell doors open? Well, one day, he and his boss got trapped in one of the cells together, and the boss gave the poor guy a really long lecture about how badly he sucked at his job. Before he could tell him he was fired, though, an inmate in the same cell told them both to close the door because he was feeling a draft."
"...I don't get it."
"Weren't you paying attention?"
"To what?"
"The story."
"Then not really. I was waiting for the punchline."
"The story is the punchline; I said the intern kept leaving the cell doors open."
"But how did he and his boss get trapped in a cell?"
"Comedic stupidity, dude. Comedic stupidity."
:iconastheartdictates:AstheArtDictates 3 0
What is a...?
A late night program on a dusty TV blips snippets of political campaign hooey. Its lone witness peels the remote from the couch and turns off the TV. He stands up, shakes his head, and stretches to see his wife.
"To think that you watch TV just to see the campaign ads," she says. "You know they're just glorified car commercials, right?"
"Pretty much," he replies with a dangle of his arm. "But it kind of gets me thinking."
"About what?"
He pauses. "What does it mean to be an adult?"
"You mean besides growing up, getting a job, settling down, raising a family, and realizing that contrary to popular belief, the world is neither all bright and kind nor all dark and cruel?"
"Yes: our maturity."
He slogs his way to the remote and blips the TV to life, wherein an episode of a controversial sitcom showcases a crowd of grown adults griping over a petty squabble.
"Now that I think of it," she muses, fingering her chin, "despite all the talk about 'being the grown up', adults ar
:iconastheartdictates:AstheArtDictates 2 0
Voices: Life (Cover) by AstheArtDictates Voices: Life (Cover) :iconastheartdictates:AstheArtDictates 1 0 Calling the Old Man Out by SaucePear Calling the Old Man Out :iconsaucepear:SaucePear 15 5
Movie Trailers
You know how sometimes when you see a trailer for a movie, you know immediately that its just spoiled the entire movie? Its a bit annoying, but I got to thinking and realized that they were actually doing me a favor. See, the movies with this sort of trailer are almost always shitty movies that no one in their right mind would ever want to see. So they decided that having you waste your time and money watching that shitty movie, they'd give you all the funny lines, all the cool special effects, and the entire plot in about 15 minutes, free of charge. You didn't want to see the movie, and now you don't need to. Wasn't that nice of them?
Hell, I wish they did that for other products as well. Could you imagine that?
"Hey buddy, you wanna buy this car?"
"No, actually. I don't want to buy that car."
"Of course you don't. This car is a piece of shit. Its a death trap. Only an idiot would want this car. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you all the good features in mob
:iconbrokeneye3:BrokenEye3 1 0
Magnificent Bastards by grimmjack Magnificent Bastards :icongrimmjack:grimmjack 385 228 Willing Suspension by BrokenEye3 Willing Suspension :iconbrokeneye3:BrokenEye3 10 1 RAIN p.33 - Pass by JocelynSamara RAIN p.33 - Pass :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 143 146 RAIN p.35 - Girls by JocelynSamara RAIN p.35 - Girls :iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 85 84 Ascended demon? by Scaveo Ascended demon? :iconscaveo:Scaveo 1 3 Trope-Tan didn't see it coming by BisectedBrioche Trope-Tan didn't see it coming :iconbisectedbrioche:BisectedBrioche 3 0 Did you just draw Cthulhu by Icon109 Did you just draw Cthulhu :iconicon109:Icon109 28 25 Trope-tan -pencils- by BisectedBrioche Trope-tan -pencils- :iconbisectedbrioche:BisectedBrioche 7 9 Trope-tan, Ruiner of Lives by Quanyails Trope-tan, Ruiner of Lives :iconquanyails:Quanyails 24 19
...a not-so-well-intentioned extremist:…

"Clank: There must be another way to make a home for your people!
Chairman Drek: You think that's what this is about? Who do you think polluted our last world? I did! This is about one thing and one thing only: cash, and lots of it. See, I've been paid for every square inch of my new world. Once the new inhabitants move in, I'll begin polluting this world as well, and the whole thing starts all over again. Ah... brilliant.
— Ratchet & Clank (2002)"

"Kingdom Hearts: Master Xehanort once believed that the universe was too full of light and believed a balance between light and darkness was the way for a perfect world to exist. His solution — begin a Keyblade War to engulf the worlds in darkness, and when he wins and claims the power of Kingdom Hearts, he can remake it in his image of balance. However, he's since become Drunk on the Dark Side, and his only goal these days is power and knowledge for the sake of having them. Dream Drop Distance sums it up best: When he's finally called out on his actions against Terra, Aqua, Ven, etc., does he make an I Did What I Had to Do speech about them? No, he just casually invokes But for Me, It Was Tuesday and claims Because Destiny Says So as a justification for ruining their lives."

"The Legend of Zelda:
•In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zant claims he wanted to conquer Hyrule to help the Twili, when it was clear to all he was just a power-hungry lunatic.
•In The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Yuga helped Princess Hilda reassemble the Triforce, but he didn't care about saving his world from destruction, only to recreate it in his image."

"Rosario + Vampire: Fairy Tale repeatedly claim that they want to make a world for monster equality and that Humans Are the Real Monsters, but it's clear from their willingness to oppress and kill their fellow monsters that they only want equality and power for themselves.
•Kuyou constantly goes on about how everything he does is for the sake of justice and that Humans Are the Real Monsters, but it falls flat considering that he abused his authority as the head of the Security Committee to make everyone else at Yokai Academy miserable, and the fact that he barely needs any provocation to burn someone alive, human or monster."

"Digimon Savers: Akihiro Kurata lies about Digimon being threats to humans to justify him wanting to wipe them out."

From Fire Emblem Echoes:
"Desaix killed the King because he certainly thought he could be a better King for Zofia and guide the nation to a better state, considering Lima IV to be a hedonistic and poor ruler spoiled with the blessings of Mila, and considering Mila herself to no longer be worthy of being worshiped as she had grown slothful and uncaring (he even refers to her as a "monster"). However, he comes off as just being a power-hungry and murderous man driven by personal ambition rather than the good of Zofia despite the situation, not exactly doing a better job at 'being King' than Lima IV was."

In Full Metal Alchemist(Brotherhood and Manga), Shou Tucker and his family were in danger of being in poverty, his solution was to turn first his wife and then his dog and daughter into pained chimeras, just for the sake of him being an alchemist, a job he's no good at.

Mephiles sent Silver to the past, not to help him(Silver) stop Iblis from destroying the world but use him(Silver) to break Iblis's seal so that they(Meph and Ib) can reform into Solaris and consume all the time in existence.
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